Kamote, The Underrated Rice Replacement

Mashed potato came to mind as a rice replacement, yet I wanted a cheap alternative and something easily found in the Philippines. Luckily, I found this “lowly” rice replacement. When my blood sugar level became pre-diabetic, (Read: Body Mythconceptions: Revelations, Then & Now) I looked for ways to control spikes in my sugar level. For diabetics, rice was notContinue Reading “Kamote, The Underrated Rice Replacement”

Fitness Food

Body Mythconceptions: Revelations, Then & Now

Realizing the need for a healthy diet,  proper exercise— and a positive mindset has allowed me to make realistic fitness goals for myself. My fitness journey was not always smooth. There were some bad habits and misconceptions about my body that kept me from progressing. Realizing the need for a healthy diet,  proper exercise– and a positive mindset has allowed me toContinue Reading “Body Mythconceptions: Revelations, Then & Now”